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Thursday, June 30th, 2011


Mtiuleti, easter region of Georgia. It is on the south side of Caucasus Mountains. Of Course, Mtiuleti is mainly situated in the high mountins. This Region is the second with its big number of towers in Georgia. Mtiuleti occupies parts of Dusheti and Kazbegi, MtskhetaMtianeti region.

There is also only town in Mtiuleti, Pasanauri, famous with its Khinkali (Traditional food). There are two main rivers in this region, the Mtiuleti Aragvi (the White (Tetri) Aragvi)) and the Gudamakari Aragvi (the Black (Shavi) Aragvi)). Pasanauri is at the altitude of 1050 meters from the sea level. With its territorial situation, Mtiuleti always was Georgians Defense side from enemies.

The Mtiuls are freedom loving and brave people. Mtiuls were first rebels after 200 years, that Russia annexed Georgia in 1801. They fought for a long time for freedom.

Mtiuleti Map

Mtiuleti Map

This Region is famous with its cattle-breeding. Besides this, people go in for sheep-breeding as well. Because of small number of grasslands, Mtiuls have to use Khevsureti land, and also they take sheep to Shiraki valley and spend whole winter there.

You can see many towers here. They belongs to feudal era. “Lomisoba” is the main celebrate day as Mtiuls as whole Georgia. It is connected with St.Giorgi.


Location of Georgia

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Georgia is a country on the edge of Eurasia. To the west it is bounded by the Black Sea. To the north, it is bounded by the Caucasus ridge. Also there are Lesser Caucasus Mountains from the south. Republic of Georgia shares borders with Azerbaijan and Daghestan and it is on it’s east side.

Georgia Map

Georgia Map

Since the ancient times Georgia has been populated by the Georgian tribes which gave rise to the Georgian nation and Georgian People.

There is Likhi Range ( Surami Range ) which divides Georgia into east and west sides. Now the official area of country totals 69.5  However, 18,000 of country`s historic territory is within Turkey. Its well known that this territory always was settled by Georgian origins.

Mountains are the dominant geographic feature in Georgia. There are high peaks as Ushba, Shkhara, Kazbegi and etc. There are alpine and sub alpine zones as well. Country has great nature and you can see there everything from mountains to lowlands.

Country is also reach with rivers. Here are as small as large rivers – the Mtkvari, the Alazani, the Iori, the Aragvi, the Enguri, the Kvobliani and etc.

The east side of country consists of three parts: Inner Kartli, Lower Kartli and Kakheti.

The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Official  its population is 1 million 815 thousand. Tbilisi has not always been the capital of Georgia. History says that there were two other main capitals: Mtskheta (the first capital) and Kutaisi.

What about Lakes in Georgia, there are lakes of all sizes like – Paravani, Ritsa, Amtkeli, Childiri, Jandara, Lisi, Kus. Some of them are too deep.  For example Lake Ritsa‘s deep is 150m.