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Diaochi and Qolha – Ancient Georgian kingdoms

Friday, August 12th, 2011

In the late 2000 B.C. kingdoms of Diaochi and Qolha were formed. Diaochi was also known as “Daiaen” in Assyrian people. It was in the southern of ancient Georgia. Ancient Greek leader an historian Xenophon called Diaochians “Taochs“, it is retained from the old Georgian province – “Tao“.

In the XII B.C. Diaochi was in group of countries named “The Nairi Countries“. It was military union against Assyria. Fortune dismissed this union and king of Assyria, King Tiglath, defeated them.

King Menuas, King of Urartu,  calls Diaochi a “powerful country”, which shows that Diaochia was powerful and great country of its time.

Another ancient Georgian Kingdom was Qolha, which was situated northen of Diaochi. As sources report, Qolha ruined Diaochi Kingdom with help of Urartu. It was around VIII B.C. After this Qolha and Urartu divided Diaochi territory and became neighbors.

What about Kingdom of Qolha, it was successful in cattle breeding and metallurgy. The Source tells about seizing cattle and making “The Iron Ring” by king Sardur II.

Source Greek Map: Ancient Qolha, Iberia,Albania... Published in London

Source Greek Map: Ancient Qolha, Iberia,Albania... Published in London

Qolha was such successful Kingdom with some great techniques of metallurgy that Greeks made mythological fantasies and stories about them. The most known is “The Golden Fleece“, the story about King Aieti and his daughter Medea, who had  the skin of ram with golden wool. Fifty Greek heroes (Argonauts) under Jason, Greek Hero,  set out their quest of the Golden Fleece.

More about “The  Golden Fleece” myth you can see here: The Golden Fleece

In real, the myth tells that Qolha was very strong kingdom with high level of agriculture and metallurgy section.

Another Myth about metallurgy is a legend about Amiran that is almost similar to the myth of Prometheus.After stealing fire from Olympos Mountain, angry Zeus to get revenge on Prometheus,carried him to the Caucasus in Georgia.

After Diaochi defeat, Urartu and Qolha became rivals and had many battles, which made sick these two kingdoms. So the Cimmerians finished this wars and ruined either kingdoms. Cimerians had to pass through Qolha in order to get to Urartu.

It is known fact that Georgian word “Gmiri” (Hero) derives from Cimmerians name “Gmir”.

Qolcha coins

Qolcha coins

Location of Georgia

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Georgia is a country on the edge of Eurasia. To the west it is bounded by the Black Sea. To the north, it is bounded by the Caucasus ridge. Also there are Lesser Caucasus Mountains from the south. Republic of Georgia shares borders with Azerbaijan and Daghestan and it is on it’s east side.

Georgia Map

Georgia Map

Since the ancient times Georgia has been populated by the Georgian tribes which gave rise to the Georgian nation and Georgian People.

There is Likhi Range ( Surami Range ) which divides Georgia into east and west sides. Now the official area of country totals 69.5  However, 18,000 of country`s historic territory is within Turkey. Its well known that this territory always was settled by Georgian origins.

Mountains are the dominant geographic feature in Georgia. There are high peaks as Ushba, Shkhara, Kazbegi and etc. There are alpine and sub alpine zones as well. Country has great nature and you can see there everything from mountains to lowlands.

Country is also reach with rivers. Here are as small as large rivers – the Mtkvari, the Alazani, the Iori, the Aragvi, the Enguri, the Kvobliani and etc.

The east side of country consists of three parts: Inner Kartli, Lower Kartli and Kakheti.

The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Official  its population is 1 million 815 thousand. Tbilisi has not always been the capital of Georgia. History says that there were two other main capitals: Mtskheta (the first capital) and Kutaisi.

What about Lakes in Georgia, there are lakes of all sizes like – Paravani, Ritsa, Amtkeli, Childiri, Jandara, Lisi, Kus. Some of them are too deep.  For example Lake Ritsa‘s deep is 150m.